The ‘Guaranteed Removal’ Myth

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Reputation management is a critical component of digital marketing. Complaints, lawsuits, and negative reviews found on Google can harm the potential of any brand or individual – and more and more people are turning to online reputation management to resolve this. Unfortunately, there are several myths surrounding ORM, particularly that of “guaranteed removal” of Google content.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ORM, discuss its benefits in digital marketing, and dispel the myths surrounding content removal services.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Reputation Management Search

Google Searches – for both brands and individuals – are only on the rise with smartphones in every household.

Before delving into the myths, it is useful to understand what Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is.

ORM is the concept of suppressing negative results that may appear in search engines like Google. There are many techniques used by service providers to achieve the desired results, including proprietary strategies, but the main focus is to present positive, rich, and relevant content that search engines pick up, then rank at or near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

By doing so, any negative search results are pushed downward, even disappearing from first-page SERPs altogether.

Imagine that you own a company that provides a product or service. Your business does well and ranks highly in search results. Now, imagine that a disgruntled customer or a former employee starts to post negative reviews about the goods or services you provide.

These negative reviews get picked up by search engines and appear in search results, and may even drive potential customers away when those customers read the negative information. A misstep in business practices, such as a lawsuit or a defective product, can also harm your company’s online reputation, particularly if that information is shared by news media outlets and social media platforms.

Rebuilding Your Online Brand

By investing in and applying ORM techniques and strategies, your company can regain the positive reputation you have worked for.

Even if your company is not plagued with negative reviews or unflattering search results, the principles of ORM can still build your brand to appear authoritative in searches. Proactive reputation management is always recommended.

It is no secret that your online brand must look good. Let’s get into a recently popular methodology to do this – which is deeply flawed.

The Myth of “Guaranteed Removal”

There are hundreds of digital marketing firms in the United States that offer reputation management services. There are even firms that focus solely on ORM for their clients.

Many of these firms, particularly several prominent nationally-known service providers, promise “guaranteed removal” of content from Google search results. This is an emerging trend in ORM service delivery, but the fact is that guaranteed removal is a myth. There are several reasons that guaranteed removal is a pipedream, at best, including:

1. It simply isn’t true

A given website is under no obligation to remove negative content unless that content is found to be slanderous, inaccurate, or without merit. Submitting takedown requests to a website posting negative information may work, but it is fairly unlikely. Without a successful takedown request and the good graces of the posting website, the negative information can still be found in search results. In simple terms: No company can guarantee the removal of negative content, even though many do make such claims.

2. It isn’t a sustainable practice

Reputation managers may be able to have offending content removed from a given website. But anyone can re-post the negative information on another site with a few clicks of the mouse. If that information appears on another website, Google can still index and rank it. What’s the point of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to manage your reputation, only to have the negative information reappear somewhere else on the Web?

3. You have no control over your search results

Imagine the stress caused by constantly worrying that negative reviews or information will resurface online. Without sound (and legitimate) ORM practices, your company’s reputation is at the mercy of anyone with Internet access. Read more on the importance of “controlling” your search results.

4. There is typically more than one negative information source out there

Reputation managers usually focus on one or two of negative search results – the ones that appear at the top of SERPs. But what about the 7-9 other results on the first page? Are those negative? Will you be getting them ALL removed? How will those negative results impact your business prospects?

Selecting the Right Reputation Managment Services

Now that we’ve discussed why removing content from Google is not a good idea, let us discuss standard ORM services.

With 100s of ORM providers on the web, very few will be effective for your situation. Here are some things to consider when evaluating a primary ORM firm:

Do they have the skill?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of reputation management. Unfortunately, some of the larger ORM firms do not have the skills or the understanding needed to apply SEO industry best practices on their clients’ campaigns, wasting time and money on efforts that don’t produce favorable results. It is crucial that the firm has an understanding of the latest algorithms and how it impacts reputation management.

Big players vs. smaller players. 

Larger companies typically equal higher costs, lower quality, and less communication. Smaller firms, on the other hand, tend to be more responsive to their clients, delivering results at lower costs.

Don’t fall for ‘proprietary software’. 

Dedicated large ORM firms often portray themselves as industry leaders with proprietary software and strategies. While such proprietary software does exist, and it can be extremely valuable, the fact of the matter is: Search engines are continually refining their search algorithms.

Are those proprietary software platforms and strategies keeping up with the changes? Each campaign has dozens of variables; a well-rounded strategy is essential. You can’t just rely on some “gamechanging” software.

Read online reviews. 

Some of the most prominent ORM firms have dismal reviews. One of the so-called “industry leaders” in ORM has dozens of negative reviews, with reviewers claiming exploitation, breach of privacy, aggressive marketing, poor results, and many other negative factors. Smaller digital marketing operations, on the other hand, tend to work harder than their giant corporate counterparts, delivering solid results and gaining many satisfied customers in the process.

With these factors in mind, it is easier than ever before to evaluate a potential ORM service provider. Don’t believe the myths or the hype; the real key to success is finding a company that uses proven methods and can produce measurable results.

Try Us Out Risk-Free

Faced with high expenses, poor results, and awful reviews from the big names, many brands wonder where to turn for RM services.

The answer? Universal Business Reputation. Our small, agile firm believes in delivering outstanding service with an emphasis on client communication and transparency.

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Our Difference

At Universal Business Reputation, our team is adept at helping people recover their online reputations. Using a variety of proven strategies, including digital marketing, link-building, and content development, our experts have a long track record of successes for our clients. Our expertise is why so many people have chosen us for online reputation management services. We’ve worked with both individuals and businesses, and produce the results you need at competitive prices. Our team is small, giving us the ability to remain flexible and respond quickly to online flak.

It all begins with a thorough assessment of your existing online reputation. Our team analyzes search results and ranking on the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With the information uncovered in this detailed analysis, we can formulate a reputation management strategy that performs beyond expectations. And, our team is highly experienced with SEO, the core of successful digital marketing. We stay abreast of industry developments to leverage the incredible power of SEO – even as search engines evolve over time.

Our team works hard to push negative content and negative search results down in rankings. We replace that negative content with positive, relevant articles and content about you, your brand, or your company. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance your online reputation with desired information. Information that positively describes YOU.

As efficiently as possible, our reputation management experts can recover and restore the reputation that means so much to you. Universal Business Reputation’s methods and practices are sustainable, making us the best choice for long-term success in building your brand, controlling your reputation, and improving your ability to attract new customers. Read more about our RM services. 


Hayden Koch is a reputation management expert & guru. He has personally assisted dozens of individuals and businesses rid their Google Searches of negative content.

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