Best Profile Sites for Online Reputation Management

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best profiles for reputation management

Online reputation management (RM) is the process of restoring a damaged online reputation. Companies that have received negative reviews, individuals with unflattering news stories published about them, or businesses that have seen their reputations damaged by disgruntled former employees can all benefit from reputation management.

Businesses with good reputations can also take advantage of reputation management as a brand-building tool.

To combat negative material or proactively build their brand, smart companies and individuals hire companies like or Universal Business Reputation to work on their behalf.

One core strategy is building profiles, social media pages, and online directories. These exist on a variety of domains and all perform differently.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest-authority pages to get you ahead of your online reputation management.

Best Reputation Management Profiles, in No Particular Order

  • Google+: When Google+ was unveiled, it was supposed to be the social media platform of the future, poised to depose the big player of them all, Facebook. The project was a big failure. Even still, Google is biased when it comes to its own social media platform; profiles created and managed on this platform get a lot of traction, search engine-wise, thanks to Google’s built-in bias. UPDATE, 2018: Google has announced G+ is shutting down. Refer to the sites below over G+ for future RM purposes. 
  •  LinkedIn: In just a few short years, LinkedIn has risen to the top of online employment social platforms. As of this year, the site boasts upward of 500 million registered users. Best of all, Google LOVES LinkedIn. The Google search algorithm evaluates social signals emanating from the platform and views the site as a trusted online resource. These factors have powerful implications for brand building. And, with the nearly unlimited amount of content that can be used to build profiles on the site, reputation management professionals can leverage these tools to attract new customers to client businesses with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Twitter: 280 characters doesn’t seem like a lot when it comes to creating online content, but Twitter is incredibly powerful in RM circles. The social media platform is in use by businesses, celebrities, and everyday individuals around the world. In fact, the company recently stated that it has close to 350 million active monthly users, with an additional 400-500 million registered users to its credit. Twitter can be used to share information, photographs, and to make personal connections. Smart businesses use the platform to reach a global audience, building interaction with existing customers while attracting new ones at a healthy clip. For RM purposes, Twitter stands as one of the very best social media platforms upon which to build online profiles.
  • Crunchbase: Both individuals and businesses can greatly benefit from building a Crunchbase page. Fill it with content, from work information, to biography, to your latest news – and Google will reward you greatly.
  • YouTube: You don’t need to dedicate yourself to building a channel to benefit from YouTube for reputation repair purposes. If you feel comfortable with making a video, do it! And put your name or business name in the title.

For more awesome profile ideas, check out this post.

Next Month: More Best Sites for Online Reputation Management

In next month’s installment, we will talk about several other reputation management profiles – we’ve only scratched the surface here. Social media platforms of many different formats have properties that search engines simply can’t get enough of. Reputation management professionals use these platforms to restore damaged reputations and to build brand awareness for their clients. Stay tuned for more!

The team at Universal Business Reputation is passionate about helping individuals with their online reputation.

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