DIY ORM: Best Profile Sites for Online Reputation Management

  • May 10, 2017
  • Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (RM) is the process of restoring a damaged online reputation. Companies that have received negative reviews, individuals with unflattering news stories published about them, or businesses that have seen their reputations damaged by disgruntled former employees can all benefit from reputation management. Businesses with good reputations can also take advantage of reputation management as a brand-building tool.

If you are an individual or business with a negative online reputation, you may be looking into how to resolve your online issues yourself, or DIY reputation management.

To combat negative material or proactively build their brand, many companies and individuals hire reputation management companies such as content suppression specialists Universal Business Reputation & ReputationDefender or content (internet) removal companies such as Guaranteed Removals to resolve their issues. However, it may be worth trying yourself before investing in professional services.

Let’s take a look at some great online profiles and websites to help your DIY online reputation management efforts.

Best Reputation Management Profiles, in No Particular Order


With Google+ shutting down as of 2018, look at YouTube as a great place to build your brand and authority on Google. The best part: You do not need to create videos. Just create your profile, subscribe to your favorite channels, create playlists and you’ll see your page climb up the Google results.


In just a few short years, LinkedIn has risen to the top of online employment social platforms. As of this year, the site boasts upward of 500 million registered users. Best of all, Google LOVES LinkedIn. The Google search algorithm evaluates social signals emanating from the platform and views the site as a trusted online resource. These factors have powerful implications for brand building. And, with the nearly unlimited amount of content that can be used to build profiles on the site, reputation management professionals can leverage these tools to attract new customers to client businesses with a few clicks of a mouse.


 280 characters may not seem like a lot when it comes to creating online content, but Twitter is incredibly powerful in DIY reputation building. The social media platform is in use by businesses, celebrities, and everyday individuals around the world. In fact, the company recently stated that it has close to 350 million active monthly users, with an additional 400-500 million registered users to its credit. Twitter can be used to share information, photographs, and to make personal connections. Smart businesses use the platform to reach a global audience, building interaction with existing customers while attracting new ones at a healthy clip. For RM purposes, Twitter stands as one of the very best social media platforms upon which to build online profiles.


Both individuals and businesses can greatly benefit from building a Crunchbase page. Fill it with content, from work information, to biography, to your latest news – and Google will reward you greatly.


Algorithmic advances have drastically changed a personal or business reputation management strategy. The idea behind this is online branding – Google meticulously favors websites and pages that relate to a brand. Creating a microsite, or a unique personal domain that you own, is the single most powerful reputation asset in 2020.

Leverage These DIY Reputation Strategies Now

If you are considering do-it-yourself reputation management, start with these pages. Remember, even individuals need to approach their reputation management as if their name is a well-known brand. Creating your website and profiles around this brand will

Stay tuned for more great profiles, blogs, and websites that can boost your online reputation management.

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